Skaidi; "Where 2 rivers meet"

Skaidi is originally a Sami name, and means "the place where the rivers meet". The place got its name rightly, as it is located where the Repparfjordelva meets the Skaidielva, and flows further out into the Repparfjord.

Skaidi is a well-known hub for all land traffic to Hammerfest, Alta, Lakselv and the North Cape.

Skaidi is today the largest exit point in Finnmark both summer and winter.

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Skaidicenteret as

With us you can shop everything you need on your trip; food, drinks, fuel and other things in our leisure shop.

You can also book a room with us. We have motel rooms with kitchen and bathroom, or simpler rooms at a nice price.

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Memorable days at Skaidi!

The Skaidi Center can offer you as a visitor to Skaidi and the surrounding area a variety of experiences.

With fantastic nature, Skaidi is a suitable area both for activities in the summer, with salmon fishing in the Repparfjordelva, mountain fishing, fishing in the Repparfjord and golf in the midnight sun, as well as for activities such as scooter riding and ice fishing.

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