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    9620 KVALSUND

  Telefon:  78 41 62 01
      Kroa: 78 41 61 23



Polaris Skaidicenteret
Tlf 984 31246

Easy to reach - hard to forget
Skaidi is easy to get to by car or bus, and once you get to Skaidi there are many exciting things to do.


By scheduled bus
Snelandia has routes to and from Skaidi. For more information about bus routes to / from Skaidi, call route information: 177 (can only be called in Norway),

With rental car
With a rental car you can easily get to Skaidi. For more information about the possibilities of renting a car, go to: and / or 

By plane
In Hammerfest and Honningsvåg, there are short-haul airports operated by Widerøe's airlines. In Lakselv and Alta, there are airports operated by Norwegian. From all these places, Skaidi can be reached in approx. 1 hour drive. Lakselv is an international charter airport, and Finnair is working to make weekly flights between Helsinki and Lakselv. The flight time to Helsinki via Ivalo in Finland will be 3-4 hours.




Travel time:


57 kilometers

45 minutes